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Mel B is worried married people will think she's 'a pervert'

Mel B is worried married people will think she's 'a pervert' ' because she speaks about her sex life so much.

The former Spice Girls singer is happy to openly talk about her bedroom antics with husband Stephen Belafonte, but does worry about how people could perceive her.

Mel said: 'We have lots of sex, we raise our kids very well and Stephen cooks dinner every night for the whole family ' life's good.

'Everybody has sex, especially if you're married. I don't know if married people will be inspired by me though ' they might just think I'm a pervert.'

Mel ' who raises her daughters, Phoenix, 11, and Angel, three, from previous relationships and Stephen's child Giselle, seven, with her husband ' also revealed she thinks having sex is a good way to keep fit.

The 35-year-old star - who has been married to Stephen for three years - added: ' think any kind of sexual activity is a bit of a workout if you do it right. We have good communication with each other and I never fake it.'


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