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Revealed: The ultimate festive pudding
T HAS taken three days to make the ultimate Christmas pudding, weighing 1.3 tonnes and could feed 5000 people.But, according to its maker John Stevenson, it was worth the effort. Mr Stevenson, who owns The Village Bakery Cafe, wanted to bring Christmas spirit back to his home town of Dubbo after it was hit by the devastating floods.So he created the monster pudding using 170kg of flour, 171kg of sugar, 85kg of margarine, 140l fresh eggs, 40kg of sultanas and currants, 80kg of baking power, salt and skim milk powder, 80kg of raspberry jam and 150kg of icing.He baked it in large cake tins in his bakery and assembled it using jam as the glue."I wanted to brighten people's moods and focus on the festive cheer," he said.Orana Mall shopping centre is using the massive pudding for a Christmas promotion where 10 people will be selected to delve into it for 10 pennies valued at $500 each.


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