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Xmas roads deadliest during the day

YOUNG men driving to visit friends, shopping centres and to or from pubs and clubs on a Tuesday afternoon are the most likely to die in a car accident during the festive season, research reveals.Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay ordered the review of 170 fatal collisions over the past 11 Christmas holiday periods.The findings - detailed in a Coroners Prevention Unit review released today - show 70 per cent of deaths happened while the driver was undertaking social or day-to-day travel.Police say the findings challenge commonly held perceptions that most Christmas fatalities happen when people travel long distances, and that city people often die on country roads. The research also revealed:ALCOHOL was a factor in almost a third of fatal accidents, speed in 25 per cent and fatigue in 19 per cent;HOLIDAY-related travel was linked to 19 per cent of fatal smashes and 14 per cent of overall road user deaths;Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.THE hours between 2pm and 4pm were the most deadly;ON average of one person a day was killed on Victorian roads during the Christmas period;MOST deaths were single vehicle collisions, usually after the vehicle had run off a road;Mr Lay requested the review to better understand why the Christmas road toll wasn't declining, despite the efforts and initiatives of police and road safety organisations.


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