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Your Fun Horoscopes for the Year

What do the stars say about what's in store for you dear Leo? Well, you so much to look forward to that it's impossible to know where to begin. But know that the year starts off on a grand note for you, with a wonderful announcement from a loved one. Yes, it could be the big question - that will change your life for at least 5 years. But make sure before you say yes, - or no - that you have thought through the consequence sof your decision.  Yes, he may look like a prince now with that fat bank balance and Maybach, but do you really want to have to put up with arthritic knees on the dance floor? You are after all, the darling of the zodiac and a party animal - and in the jungle, the wqeak get left behind. So, think carefully before you say yes.

Dear Aquarius, what a horrid 5 years it has been for you. But hey, you are still standing and you are smiling. But for homw much longer? The stars indicate that you still have some cosmic lessons rto learn - but don't get discouraged, you will emerge a better person from all of this.

Further, 2011 promises to be exciting for you. There will be lots of fun news, plus travel to far off places. Is your passport ready? You will need it, because where you're going, you will defnitely need a passport. And don't forget the vaccinations.


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