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Richard, Bridge and Spida

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Richard, Bridge and Spida

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Richard, Bridge and Spida

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About the show:

Wake up to Richard, Bridge and Spida for Breakfast each weekday morning as they serve up only the Gold and Tweed Coast’s Greatest Hits to get your day started. Get the most up to date news and information for your drive to work, plus catch up on latest goss from both here and overseas.

 A snap shot on Richard…

I have been living on the coast on and off since 1981, still remember arriving here from Sydney, took me two days to drive up, and seeing Griffith St Coolangatta lined with palm trees, wow this is the tropics. Driving around to Snapper Rocks looking north I saw all the high rise buildings in the distance, and there was less then, must be Brisbane! Little did I know… 

I’m very passionate about the Gold Coast Tweed area, it truly is an amazing place to live, which is why I’ve always gravitated back to this region after stints in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

 A little bit about Bridgey… 

Bridge will never forget what her dear old Grandma used to say.. “Bridge if you just make one person laugh……you’re pretty crap at your job!” From then on it was Bridge’s mission to prove her dear old Grandma wrong. 

This trippy hippy/ rock chic stumbled into radio from a stand up comedy background. From gig’s with some of the big names in the business, Melbourne Comedy Festivals, Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and TV appearances, she decided to leave the bright lights of night to the bleary early fuzzy hours of breakfast radio. What the hell was she thinking??! 

That decision was now 11years ago. Bridge cut her teeth in radio in Cairns, entertained the Sunshine Coast masses and has happily dropped the anchor at 92.5 Gold FM. 

Bridge and Richard have been together for 4 years…on the radio of course, as commitment is a word Richard is unfamiliar with. She is passionate about her footy, her Valiant Charger, living in the bush, and sticking up for what’s right. Bridge loves an underdog and will always stick up for the sisterhood. She’s raw, untamed and uncensored and loves having a good stoush with Richard.

Peter 'Spida' Everitt's Bit...

Spida was lucky enough to leave year 12 at lunch time most days to attend training which led to a 16 year AFL career, even though after playing for 3 clubs his winning record wasn’t that great. Pathetic really…. 

Upon retirement and at the age of 34, with 4 kids and his as he says “funny wife” Sheree, Spida packed up and travelled Australia to film their TV show the “Great Australian Doorstep”. 

With Spida’s love for TV, radio soon followed with his debut of a weekly radio sports show “The Home Straight” and with such success he needed more airtime, so what better time than the breakfast shift on GOLD FM as for many years the sun rising was a hint to start heading home.