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11 incredibly bizarre deaths that ACTUALLY happened

What a way to kick the bucket...

11 incredibly bizarre deaths that ACTUALLY happened

While many of us hope we kick the bucket "while sleeping" - sometimes the end of the line can be far more tragic, and in these cases, very unusual.

Here are 11 incredibly strange deaths that will make you very happy you're still alive: 

1. Joao Maria de Souza from Brazil was killed in 2013 when a cow fell through his roof and crushed him when he slept. Guess he should have moooooved over... 

2. Mayor Meyer was only doing her town of Betterton in Maryland a service when checking the town's sewerage tanks. Unfortunately, she fell in and drowned in 15 feet of human waste.


3. A Canadian lawyer died while trying to prove that the glass in the windows of a 24th floor office was unbreakable, by throwing himself into it. He was right, it didn't break, but it did suddenly pop out of its frame and he plunged to his death. Talk about bad timing! 

4. The owner of the company that makes Segways spent years promoting the safety of the product. Ironically, he died after accidentally driving a Segway off a cliff. 


5. In 1923, well known jockey, Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York - while dead. The poor bloke suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body managed to stay in the saddle, crossing the finish line and claiming victory. Why the long face?

6. Robert Williams is the first human in history to be killed by a robot. This is no joke, the robot him him and he was out like a light. That's gotta hurt!


7. A man who was recorded to have the longest beard in the world in the 1500's died after tripping over his long locks while running away from a fire.

8. Ever felt like you were dying of laughter? Well, for one Greek philosopher he literally was. It's said he died while in fits of laughter after watching a donkey trying to eat figs. WHAT THE?! 

9. And the Emmy goes to... British actor Gareth Jones. He died of a heart attack while performing in a live televised play where his character was scripted to have a heart attack. The cast just thought he was doing a stand-out performance and continued performing around his death. What a show stopper! 


10. Health fanatic, Basil Brown's  managed to kill himself by drinking almost 4 litres of carrot juice every day. Maybe vegetables aren't that good for you?

11. Here's when a joke goes horribly wrong. Greg Austin Gingrich died in the Grand Canyon after pretending to fall to his death. In the middle of the joke he lost his footing and actually fell. We hope he had the last laugh. 


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