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2018 house trends you have to try this year!

Time for something new?

2018 house trends you have to try this year!

A new year is an excuse for a new start in all aspects of life, so why not start making positive changes in the very place you call home? There are some fabulous trends carving the way for interior design enthusiasts in 2018 and you can jump on the bandwagon yourself just by being aware of what's hot for this year:

Warm tones

Believe it or not, minimal palettes are starting to fade into the background, making room for warm, earthy tones for walls, furniture and decor. Combining warm tones such as terracotta and peach will add an artistic sophisticated look to the room. It's also an easy way to impress guests and stand out!

Polished concrete floors

Having concrete floors adds an industrial look to any home, but is the perfect choice when bending it with wooden textures or moreso luxurious finishes like marble. Not only are they durable, environmentally-friendly and long lasting, they're also easy to maintain and are actually extremely versatile. The polished finish makes it look even more amazing!

Curved couches and chairs

Curved couches and chairs are not only a nod to all things vintage, but they look incredibly chic too! If this doesn't give off Parisian vibes, I don't know what does! They double as a great corner sofa and they add dimension to the room and softens the space without needing much help from other elements. If you like to host guests, this style adds more seating, making it an extremely practical choice for the living room. 

Brass accents 

Metallics always make a statement and rightly so, they add a sense of luxury and are really just nice to look at! Brass is without a doubt the metallic making waves in the interior design industry. When incorporating such a vibrant element, you want to make sure you don't go overboard - instead adding features through decor and objects and or by simply leaving it to one room.

Oversized art

Be unapologetically bold and incorporate oversized art into your home! This trend is huge for 2018 and understandably so, it's an easy way to cover wall space, it's impactful and it can really complement the rest of the rest of the interior in the room. It's a trend really worth getting behind this year!


If you're looking to add something new to your home this year, make sure you get in touch with SouthEast Floors for all of your polished concrete floor needs!