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Here are some of the worst Aussie driving fails

Oops, my wheel fell off

Here are some of the worst Aussie driving fails

Learning to drive is one of the most important parts of growing up. You go through driving tests and eventually, you're allowed to drive solo. But unfortunately, life likes to give us big bags of lemons and we have to do our best to deal with it. You see, you could be the most careful, diligent driver out, but there's a chance something could go wrong with your car, the car in front of you, the car in front of the car in front of you and so on. 

But also, it can make for a pretty great YouTube video if you have a dash cam, so not all is lost. Some fails you might experience include:

1. A wheel falling off and rolling down the motorway like tumbleweed (this is why getting your car serviced is so important!) 

2. Having work gear and your Bunnings order fall off the back of your ute.

3. Your car is too old and your brakes are a bit rusty (do your research when buying a used car!)

4. Misjudging the sand or puddle and getting stuck.

5. Driving too close to the person in front of you

Since there's so many more driving fails out there and some yet to be discovered, check out these videos below! Just sit back, relax and don't take a leaf out of their book:


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