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Meet Australia’s Fastest Growing Bathroom Supplier

They're right here on the Gold Coast!

Meet Australia’s Fastest Growing Bathroom Supplier ABI Interiors is rivalling the best and most expensive products in the market. Source: ABI

At Hit we are all about supporting locals and high achievers in our city.

Recently we stumbled across a bathroom supply company on the Gold Coast that is really kicking goals and have a vision to change an industry.

Based in Burleigh Heads, ABI Interiors saw a gap in the market to bring high quality tap ware that rivals the best and most expensive in the market.

By creating a direct manufacturer to customer supply system we were able to fit the highest quality cartridges, hardware, colouring processes and raw materials into our products. The majority of customers are coming through our online shop Australia wide. We have been able to expand the business rapidly whilst maintaining costs and quality control as every shipment, enquiry and sale are all happening within our ABI HQ facility. This process forms part of our long term plan to maintain incredible value for money in both the short and long term for our customers.

- ABI co-founder Luli Farrell.

If you're considering a renovation or need some inspiration to add a new look to your bathroom sanctuary, here's a list of reasons why you need to visit Australia's fastest growing bathroom supplier, ABI.

Jaw-Dropping Products

On one hand their products feature elegant, original and top-of-the-line designs, on the other they’re among the most affordable on the market.

Whether you’re hunting for timber vanities, rose gold towel rails, copper kitchen sinks or a massive range of tapware in a vast array of beautiful colours, they’ve got what you need.

Customers Are Going Gaga

These quotes really speak for themselves…

“Service was exceptional. Unbelievable quality and value!” – David, customer

“Abi, from my interaction, have a better product, price and much better customer service.” – Mark, customer

“I would recommend anyone renovating or building to shop at ABI Interiors.” – Sheron, customer

And that’s just a handful! For plenty more five-star customer reviews, hop over to their website.

Cheap As Chips

We know what you’re thinking… Magnificent products mean a magnificent price tag too, right? Well, not here. One of the reasons ABI is Australia’s fastest growing bathroom supplier is because they keep their prices so low.

They do this by implementing a direct factory-to-end-user system. (In real talk: they cut out the middleman.) But don’t take our word for it! Jump online to their Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator to see for yourself how affordable it all really is, by creating a personalised cost estimate for your bathroom renovation project.

Quality Street

As another major point of difference, ABI’s in-house design team work tirelessly alongside the best industry manufacturers to bring you the newest and most unique products to the market.

They’re so confident in the quality of work their manufacturers are producing that they stamp a whopping five-year warranty on all of their tapware. If that’s not commitment to excellence and loyalty to customers, we don’t know what is!

Mr Worldwide (Web)

If it’s impractical for you to get out to their Burleigh Heads store – don’t panic! Everything ABI offer – excluding toilets, cabinetry and baths – is available for purchase online. And by offering Australia’s most cost-effective shipping rates nationwide, as well as free shipping on orders over $1000, it’s not going to break the bank.

If you’re worried about purchasing the wrong design, pattern or shade, they even offer express sample delivery for customers wanting to touch and see the colours of their bathroom fixtures and fittings before they sign on the dotted line. Yep… They’ve thought of everything.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

Born and bred right here on the sunny Gold Coast, all of ABI’s products are designed in-house by an all-Australian design team.

So, if your bathroom needs anything from a major renovation to a minor touch-up, why not reach out to the friendly team at ABI? There’s a reason Australia’s Fastest Growing Bathroom Supply Company has become the talk of the town.

For more inspiration visit the ABI Interiors website here today, or follow @abiinteriors on Instagram.