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U2's Bono Has Become A Giant Hologram

Popping into audiences

U2's Bono Has Become A Giant Hologram Image: U2,

U2’s creative director, Willie Williams has created a giant avatar version of lead singer Bono using augmented reality for the band’s Experience + Innocence tour.

Charcoal drawings appear on a screen in the centre of the arena. When the audience looks at the still drawings using the band’s U2 Experience app, superimposed AR images and videos appear.

The AR display will tell a story throughout the show, though you’ll have to check it out to find out exactly what.

Fans will be able to take photos using the app that capture live and AR elements simultaneously.



Holograms aren’t a new thing in music, however, with late musicians like Ronnie James Dio from Black Sabbath being immortalised as holograms.

Story by Ben Madden