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Peter Garrett Had A Crack At Paul Keating At The Oils’ Sydney Gig

Over land in Sydney

Peter Garrett Had A Crack At Paul Keating At The Oils’ Sydney Gig Image: Getty

Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett had a crack at former prime minister Paul Keating at their gig at Sydney’s Domain on Saturday night.

Domain had been fenced off for two weeks in the lead up to the gigs, and Keating was unhappy about it.

He criticised Garrett for the use of the area earlier in the week, essentially calling him a hypocrite for his strident environmental views contrasted with fencing off a piece of public land for two weeks for gigs.

Keating asked how Garrett could “feel in any way comfortable squatting and profiting from Sydney’s central piece of public land”, and said that the Domain Trust “prostitutes its remit by alienating central public recreational lands to commercial purposes”.

Naturally, Garrett couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a dig back.

“Welcome to the Domain — the place where the people listen to real music,” he said during the show.

“The only thing I can say to Mr Keating now is if he’s got his windows open, and he’s got his Mahler turned down — the classical music and the opera turned down — then have a listen to Australian music here in the Domain!”

The Oils’ last few gigs on the tour are tonight in Woolongong, Wednesday the 15th in Melbourne and Friday the 17th in Sydney.