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Queensland Venues 'Well-Placed' To Deal With Terror

QPS: 'be vigilant'

Queensland Venues 'Well-Placed' To Deal With Terror

Pic: Suncorp Stadium, Stadiums QLD

Queenslanders are being urged to be vigilant, but go about their daily lives as usual, on the back of the horrific terror attack on pop concertgoers in the UK. 

According to The Australian, a nationwide review of potential Australian targets has been ordered. ASIO and Federal Police will work together to re-assess all our processes. 

Brisbane security guard Debbie called in to Triple M's Night Shift with Luke Bona to raise concerns about the level of security at venues, claiming "we just never have enough security officers on site and they're never trained up enough for this situation". 

This morning, Marto, Ed and Robin followed up with the top gun of CAP Security, who're responsible for the security systems at the likes of Suncorp Stadium & The Gabba. 

Managing Director Dale Hall says it's still early days, but changes to the way we do things before Origin 1 seem unlikely. 

"We'll be governed over the next few days as to what comes out of Manchester, through to the Federal Police and the State Police.. but I'm confident we won't have to change anything" 

In Sydney, there are rumours of changes which would mean ONLY see-through bags would be allowed in venues. 

As for whether that's an option here in Brisbane, Dale says "that could happen. There'll be meetings over the next few days". 

Stadiums Queensland has directed questions to Queensland Police, but did issue this statement - 

Stadiums Queensland (SQ) is well-placed to respond to any increased security threat and will work with the Queensland Police Service to provide an appropriate level of security for each and every event.

Each event carries a different security risk profile, and SQ is in constant discussions with police to ensure the security preparation and operational response matches the risk associated with any event.

SQ is vigilant about security and the safety of its patrons and will implement appropriate security measures based on the security advice and risk profile determined for each event.

Brisbane City Council and the Lord Mayor have declined comment, agreeing that QPS are the people to speak with. 

Queensland Police have also issued a statement - 

The Queensland Police Service’s thoughts and sympathies are with the people of Manchester and the loved ones of all victims at this difficult time.

The QPS continues to monitor the situation in conjunction with our national and international counterparts.

Queenslanders are urged to be vigilant as they go about their daily lives as usual. 

CAP Security's Dale Hall had some good advice for anyone heading along to events over the next few weeks, particularly the Origin opener on May 31. 

"It's one of those things that if you see something outside [the stadium] and you think it needs to be reported, I think the first thing you need to do is report it, because the authorities will deal with it straight away. 

The National Security Hotline, 1800 123 400, is the single point of contact to provide information on possible signs of terrorism and about issues that may relate to national security.