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Ratepayers To Fork Out For Wallarah 2 Legal Challenge

Council to hand over $200k to ACA bid

Ratepayers To Fork Out For Wallarah 2 Legal Challenge

Ratepayers are about to shell out for the legal fight against the proposed Wallarah 2 Coal Mine.

Central Coast Council has overnight decided to give $200,000 to the Australian Coal Alliance, which believes it has a good chance of overturning the mine's approval in the Land and Environment Court.

The group’s Michael Campbell said although it’s too late for the local government to start up its own challenge, the community expects it to support the Alliance.

“It is the ACA which has now been left to fight through the courts to protect our water catchment supply district and the billion dollar water infrastructure of council’s water corporation… from the destructive impact of the long wall coal mine.”

Council's received legal advice saying it should get some money back from the ACA if the group wins its case and gets its legal costs paid.