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RSL Wants Women To Lead Anzac Day Parade

Recognising our female diggers.

RSL Wants Women To Lead Anzac Day Parade (Photo: Brisbane Water Police)

The search is on for the Coast's service women to lead Gosford RSL's ANZAC Day Parade this Wednesday.

The local sub-branch has taken up the state wide initiative, aiming to shine a light on the work of female veterans and make them feel welcome in the organisation.

Sub branch President Greg Mawson says it comes as across Australia, our female diggers have previously been excluded.

"They are under recognised: There have been some terrible instances where women have worn their medals and been told to take them off, (because people think) they belong to their fathers or they haven't earned them," Mr Mawson explains.

"In some cases, these women have been in places the men haven't been."

Women have played a big part in Australian deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other campaigns.

Mr Mawson's now hoping to help local female veterans feel proud of their service, and for women to have a stronger presence in the branch's day to day operations beyond ANZAC day.

"They keep very much to themselves (about their achievements), unfortunately we can't get them to come along to our RSL sub-branches, (though) it would be lovely to have them involved."

If you're interested in leading the parade, call the sub-branch on 4323 3860, or email