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ScoMo Heads To The Central Coast

New PM not the only top pollie in town…

ScoMo Heads To The Central Coast Matthew Flack / PMO

Visiting a bar at 9:00AM on a weekday might be a bad look for most Central Coast employees, but it's all in a day's work for our new Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison will meet up with owners of Erina's Six String Brewing Company this morning as the first stop on his first tour of the region in the country's top job.

He'll then head to the Gosford Entertainment Grounds to chat with business-people.

Mr Morrison is not the only top pollie on the Coast today.

NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts will also attend the Gosford Erina & Coastal Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon to discuss Gosford’s revitalisation.

Minister Roberts is expected to announce the final Government Architect’s Report, a suite of planning controls and other thing to look forward to for the city centre.