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Multiple Offences for Driver and Passenger After Car Dumped on Coffs Golf Course

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Multiple Offences for Driver and Passenger After Car Dumped on Coffs Golf Course

Two people will face Court on Thursday after failing to stop for Police and ending up on a Coffs Harbour golf course.

At 10:48am on Wednesday, a blue Hyundai Getz was detected with no front number plate by Highway Patrol Officers in Coffs Harbour. As police have attempted to stop the vehicle, it accelerated away at high speed along Hogbin Drive.

Police will allege the female driver ignored directions to stop and instead accelerated and a pursuit was initiated, reaching speeds of up 130km/h in a signposted 80km/h zone.

Police followed the vehicle into a number of local streets and then into the grounds of the Coffs Harbour Golf Club.

The female driver & male passenger then dumped the vehicle at the northern point of the Golf Club and decamped on foot. Numerous police in the area circulated and subsequently arrested both parties a short time later.

Both the driver & passenger were taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station for further enquiries.

Once at the police station, the handbag in possession of the driver was searched with a small amount of green vegetable matter being located. The driver was also submitted to a breath test and drug test, which returned a positive result to methamphetamine.

A secondary drug test indicated a positive result for methamphetamine and cannabis.

Checks of the Drivers Licence and registration of the Hyundai revealed that her NSW P1 Licence had expired on the 3/9/16 and the registration of the Hyundai had expired on the 24/2/18.

The plate affixed to the Hyundai was not authorised for that vehicle, and had been reported stolen days earlier.

Following further investigations the 22 year old female driver was charged with Police Pursuit - Not Stop (Skye's Law), Unlicenced Driver, Drive Unregistered & Uninsured Vehicle, Possess Prohibited Drug, Display Unauthorised Number Plate, Resist Arrest, with a further charge of Drive with Illicit Drug in Oral Fluid to be laid once laboratory results have returned. 

The 38 year old male passengers was charged with Breach of Bail, and Larceny.

Both the driver & passenger have been refused bail and will appear in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Thursday 13 September 2018.