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Dierks Bentley's "The Mountain" Released

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Dierks Bentley's "The Mountain" Released

Dierks Bentley released his new album, The Mountain, on Friday (June 8th).

Bentley co-wrote 10 of the 13 new tracks that are unified by themes of presence and positivity, and range in style from textured rock to acoustic folk.

The Mountain‘s story begins in the Rocky Mountain resort town of Telluride, Colorado, which every summer plays host to a celebrated bluegrass festival. Owing to his well-documented love of the genre, Bentley has attended the festival multiple times over the years, always making a point to slow down and tune back in to the world around him. But after performing on the festival’s main stage in 2017, the idyllic surroundings became more than a much-needed getaway, it reflected where he is in life; his past, present and future.

“I was up in Wyoming with some friends, and we were just hanging out on the back deck and we were watching the sun go down over the Teton Mountains. It was beautiful, and I was with my producer, Ross Copperman, and our wives and kids, just all in a cabin up there. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but my wife actually said on the trip out there, she said, ‘I feel like the idea for the album is going to come out on this trip.’ She really said it,” recalls Dierks. “Maybe it was Ross. ‘A mountain. We’re looking at a mountain.’ Yeah, it just really clicked. It’s not the most clever title in the whole world. I’m sure it’s been used before, but it really was just like The Mountain. I loved the metaphor, but where we spent a lot of the summer was out there and where I’m from. I had a mountain in my backyard. I started climbing when I was four – Camelback Mountain – that I could walk to from my house. So, it’s always been a big part of my life, and it kind of resonated with my desire to something that reflected the West and that world that I loved so much.”

Dierks has already had success from "The Mountain" with his the lead single “Woman, Amen” hitting the top of the charts.

The Mountain Track List:
Burning Man (Feat. Brothers Osborne)

The Mountain


Woman, Amen

You Can’t Bring Me Down

Nothing On But The Stars

Goodbye In Telluride

My Religion

One Way

Son Of The Sun

Stranger To Myself

Travelin’ Light (Feat. Brandi Carlile)

How I’m Going Out