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Eric Church Doubles Down for 2019 Tour

tour launches January 2019

Eric Church Doubles Down for 2019 Tour

Eric Church is looking forward to launching his 2019 Double Down Tour in January. He will play two nights in each city (except for Nashville where he’ll play Nissan Stadium) and perform six albums worth of material. Unlike his Holdin’ My Own Tour in 2017 where he would sometimes play four different cities in less than a week (a trek that nearly killed him), he has spaced out his shows to a city a week.

Church says he learned a lot from his previous tour and applied it to his new Double Down outing.

“When we booked the last tour, we booked the tour before we decided to kind of show what we were going to do. So, we ended up with four or five shows a week sometimes at three hour shows, and it was tough physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. The whole thing was really, really hard on me, very draining,” says Eric. “So, this time knowing that we are going to do that, we booked it in a way that I think we can do that the best way. So, we’re going to a city, we’re going to stay in a city and we’re going to play three, three-and-a-half hours…We’re just gonna stay there and make it about this spiritual, musical experience. I think that’s what the last tour really taught me is there is a different level of where touring can go for us and for the fans. I had not experienced that in my career until the Holdin’ My Own Tour.”

Eric is currently sitting inside the Top 15 on the country charts with his latest hit, “Desperate Man.”

Eric's desperate fans here in Australia would love to see him make the trek down under - we've plenty of places where he can chill later - right?