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Eric Paslay Shares First Pic of Baby Girl

Paslay and Natalie introduce Piper Lily

Eric Paslay Shares First Pic of Baby Girl Instagram

Congrats are in order for Eric Paslay and his wife Natalie on the arrival of their first child, a beautiful baby girl.

Piper entered the world on December 8 in Nashville and once the name had been decided, not something they rushed into, they wanted to meet her before they chose a name, they took to Instagram to introduce their brand new arrival.



Paslay tells People. “We needed to get to know our baby girl before we could choose. After getting many smiles and much laughter from all her cute little sounds and squeaks, Piper suddenly fell into place and seemed right for her. Her middle name came a little easier. Lily is a derivative of Elizabeth, who was Mary’s cousin and the mother of John the Baptist. It also happens to be Natalie’s favorite flower.”

So, there you have it, that's how this awesome name came to be.