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Alan Jones Found Guilty of Defamation

Radio shock jock to payout

Alan Jones Found Guilty of Defamation 9 NEWS



Radio broadcaster Alan Jones and his team have been ordered to pay $3.7million in compensation to Toowoomba’s Wagner family for defamation, claiming they were responsible for a number of deaths in the horrific 2011 Lockyer Valley floods.

The Wagner family sued the Sydney radio announcer, Harbour Radio and 4BC after claiming they were blamed for 12 deaths in Grantham when one of the walls of a quarry owned by the family collapsed.

Supreme Court of QLD found that Wagner brothers have succeeded in their defamation claim against Alan Jones, 2GB, and 4BC . Awarded a total of $3.754m.

Brothers John, Denis, Neill and Joe Wagner had sought $1.2 million each from the four defendants.

In a summary of his judgment, Justice Flanagan said the defamatory comments were "extremely serious and of the gravest kind".

He said Jones, Harbour Radio and 4BC had failed to establish any defence to any of the defamatory matters published, also noting the effect the comments had had on the Wagners.



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