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News of my Busking Journey is travelling far

Kalgoorlie heard the news

News of my Busking Journey is travelling far Kalgoorlie Miner

Upon hearing the news of the Esperance Shire announcing that it is FREE to apply for a permit to Busk, I made sure to get out there and spread the word any way I could. Through chatting to musicians on the air, to chatting to the shire, to then doing a live performance around Esperance. 

To be honest I'm not talented as a musician at all, but the word did infact spread and many have heard the news including Kalgoorlie. After being contacted by a journalist at the Kalgoorlie Miner, I made sure to talk about how this decision from the council was done to raise the excitement and energy in the town of Esperance.

Its a great thing for this town to get this sort of publicity 4 hours away, but it doesn't stop there. Next step now...get better and I have 3 things to improve on according to resident musician and promoter: Kyza. Those are: playing the Ukulele, learning to sing better and becoming better at dance. Be on the lookout for the videos of my learning experiences on the facebook page @mmmesperance and follow the journey of myself becoming a decent-ish Busker. - Draker