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Airbnb Rentals Spiralling Out Of Control: Acting Mayor

Council Cracking Down

Airbnb Rentals Spiralling Out Of Control: Acting Mayor

City planning laws brought in to stop residential areas being flooded with holiday makers don't appear to be working.

Gold Coast property owners have to apply for a permit if they want to advertise their homes on Airbnb and other short-term rental sites.

However of the thousands of local places currently listed on the site, Acting Mayor Donna Gates said nearly all of those are doing it illegally.

"I understand there's 6,100 properties listed on some of the holiday accommodation sites," said Cr Gates.

"We've had three applications only for that sort of use."


There have been 50 complaints about short-term holiday rentals since the rules were brought in, which are being pursued by council.

Those caught could face big fines if they don't cease and desist.