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ANOTHER TIGER?! Dreamworld Welcomes New Baby Boy

Third cub in two months

ANOTHER TIGER?! Dreamworld Welcomes New Baby Boy The latest addition to the Tiger Island family

Yet another tiger cub has been born at Dreamworld's Tiger Island and is already stealing hearts.

The baby boy was born on Sunday May 26 to mother Nika and father Raja, the only cub of his litter.

He is also the uncle to Adira's litter of two cubs who were born on April 26, and Tiger Island Manager Patrick Martin-Vegue said they would be growing up together.

"As a single cub, socialisation is typically more difficult but in our circumstances with the arrival of Adira’s litter just one-month prior on 26 April, he will be growing up alongside them and have a more enriching life with other cats around his age," said Martin-Vegue.

The new addition was born weighing in at 1.69 kilograms and will remain in the Tiger Island back-of-house nursery den for the next two weeks before it makes its first public appearance.

Dreamworld’s General Manager of Life Sciences Al Mucci said it's another boost to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s efforts to make a long-term future for the species.

"Our new cub will join his tiger family at Dreamworld in spreading the important message of conservation as an ambassador for the critically endangered species," said Mucci.

"We are proud that Dreamworld, through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, is one of the largest zoological contributors to tiger conservation worldwide and has raised over $2.5 million towards tiger conservation, which helps fund anti-poaching teams, remove snares laid to trap tigers, train enforcement officers to combat illegal wildlife trade and support community conservation programs in Russia, Sumatra and Nepal."