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Artists Speak Out After Closing Ceremony Fiasco

True Cost Of Show Revealed

Artists Speak Out After Closing Ceremony Fiasco IMAGE: Sheppard - Facebook

The true cost of the opening and closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games has been revealed.

More than $46 million was spent to create the four hours of performances, equating to about $191,000 every minute.

Despite the cost however, News Corp reported on Tuesday that none of the stars who performed during Sunday's closing ceremony had been paid.

While Australian band Sheppard admitted they were approached to perform but turned the offer down because it was too low.

George Sheppard from the group claimed they were offered $6,000 for the gig, which would include rehearsals, recordings and the final performance, not nearly enough to cover their costs.

"It was going to cost us about $20,000 just to do it," said Sheppard.

"We've got ten people in our touring party, they wanted us for like four or five days.

"We're not in it for the money ... we just want it to be fair."

It comes amid news that plenty of the closing ceremony tickets didn't get snapped up before the big event.

Organisers wouldn't reveal exactly how many were sold, but it's believed that around a quarter of seats were left empty.