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Bitumen Bandits Target Helensvale Residents In Door-Knocking Scam

Keep an eye out for con artists

Bitumen Bandits Target Helensvale Residents In Door-Knocking Scam

Residents are being warned to keep their eyes open for door-knockers on the Gold Coast, who have been scamming people out of their hard-earned cash.

The Office of Fair Trading has received a number of complaints from across the South East Queensland recently, with some Helensvale residents targeted.

The door-knockers offer driveway repair and bitumen services, sometimes claiming to be working for council and saying they were using leftover bitumen from other jobs, meaning they could offer "today only" cheap prices. 

They then demand up-front payment before either doing a dodgy job, half completing the work then demanding more money, or simply running off without doing anything.

The scammers vary their approaches and sales pitches, depending on what they think will work with the particular consumers they are targeting.

The OFT is urging Gold Coast residents to refuse to engage the fraudsters and to report any instances on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) so they can track their movements and warn other consumers.