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Car dealer caught turning back the kms

Ten year ban for selling lemons

Car dealer caught turning back the kms

A Gold Coast man has been banned from selling cars for ten years, after getting caught turning back the mileage on a number of vehicles.

The Office of Fair Trading took Ivan Kaplun to court this week, after investigating him for making false and misleading representations about car mileage.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard Mr Kaplun bought three cars at auction and wound back the odometers on them by a total of more than 327,000km.

The registered motor dealer then sold them to unsuspecting buyers.

The tribunal was also told Mr Kaplun tried to obstruct the investigation as well, claiming to have lost documents and refusing to admit to his actions.

He was disqualified from being a motor dealer for ten years and handed a $3,657 fine.

Fair Trading executive director Brian Bauer was pleased with the punishment.

He said motor dealers who lie about car mileage have no place in the industry.

“Purchasing a vehicle with a tampered odometer is a major safety concern, as the further a vehicle travels, the more prone it is to safety defects,” Mr Bauer said.