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Could Variable Speed Signs Be The Answer To M1 Traffic Jams?

RACQ wants speeds to change

Could Variable Speed Signs Be The Answer To M1 Traffic Jams?

The state's peak motoring group believes keeping the lower speeds on the M1 isn't the answer to our traffic woes.

The speed limit between Gaven and Logan has gone back up to 110km/h today, despite the number of crashes dropping while the 10km/h restrictions were in place during the Commonwealth Games.

The government will review the statistics from the Games period in the coming months, and decide whether to make the slower speeds permanent, but Lauren Ritchie from RACQ believed that wasn't the answer. 

"Flow was really good and we had less incidents [during the Commonwealth Games]... but we wouldn't believe that a permanent reduction would be the solution for Queensland's busiest road," she said.

Ms Ritchie said variable speed signs that can be changed depending on how busy the road is, would help though.

"So these are electronic speed signs which can show 80km/h, 90km/h or 100km/h, whatever it might be on that road, but they can be lowered in the event of an incident, or in the event of heavy congestion say, on a long weekend or Easter holidays," she said.