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CUTE! Tiny Tiger Cubs Born To Mum Adira At Dreamworld

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CUTE! Tiny Tiger Cubs Born To Mum Adira At Dreamworld IMAGE: Source - Dreamworld

Two stripey bundles of joy have been welcomed into the world at Dreamworld.

First time mother Adira gave birth to her first litter of tiger cubs on Friday April 26 at 4.26pm and 5.01pm, with human staff on hand to help deliver the two males.

The duo is yet to be named, and weighed in at a healthy 1.31kgs and 1.32kgs at the time of birth.

It comes after their three-year-old mother was born at Dreamworld back in November 2015.

General manager of Life Sciences Al Mucci said the new cubs are expected to remain in the Tiger Island nursery den for at least another two weeks before making their first public appearance sometime in May.

"At this age they don't do much, like the kids at home," said Mucci.

"Apart from sleeping and eating [they're] looking very, very cute."

The births have been heralded as another important step in the global tiger conservation effort.

"We're the largest contributor to tiger conservation globally," said Mucci.

"With fewer than 4000 tigers left in the wild we need to do more.

"Everything we do at Dreamworld goes towards fighting the extinction crisis that is facing the world."