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Dodgy dealers face jail time

Used car sellers fined $30,000

Dodgy dealers face jail time

A Gold Coast couple has been ordered to fork over $30,000 dollars in fines for faking the mileage on a number of used vehicles.

The fines were issued in the Southport Magistrates Court on Monday, after an Office of Fair Trade investigation found the used car dealers turned back the odometers on three vehicles, and sold them at dealerships in Labrador and Robina.

Snezanna Mladenis has a month to pay $18,000 or face 180 days in prison, for making false and misleading representations about mileage, employing an unlicensed motor salesperson and failing to appropriately maintain a business transaction register.

Paul Mladenis, who was convicted of similar offences in September last year, was this week fined $12,000 for making false and misleading representations about mileage and acting as an unlicensed motor salesperson, or risk 120 days behind bars.

The court heard the couple made more than $20,000 profit after winding back two cars, 270,000km and 440,000km.

While Ms Mladenis was warned by the OFT not to sell a third vehicle that had more than 625,000km wiped off its odometer, but did anyway, making $8,999.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said odometer tampering was a serious offence.

"Shonks who put profit over the safety of drivers will face the consequences," he said.

"Consumers are at serious risk whenever they drive a vehicle which has had its odometer would back and it is much older than they believe," said Mr Bauer.