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Drink Drivers Slammed After Easter Weekend Crackdown

Police Disappointed With Results

Drink Drivers Slammed After Easter Weekend Crackdown

Queensland police are disappointed with the number of people who got behind the wheel after having a few too many drinks over the long weekend.

Superintendent David Johnson admitted the drink-driving figures from the Easter break were alarming.

"Over the last few days we've picked up 263 drink drivers," said Superintendent Johnson.

"Alarmingly, there have been (blood-alcohol) readings in the high 0.307 per cent ... 0.270.

"Fives times over the legal limit to be driving on our roads, putting their own lives and the lives of many other motorists at risk."

One person was allegedly caught at Miami with a blood alcohol reading of 0.225 per cent, nearly five times the legal limit.

Meanwhile another was accused of driving with a reading four times the limit at Carrara.

Police also reminded motorists to pay attention around Gold Coast schools from Tuesday onwards, with the 40 km/hr speed zones in place as Queensland kids head back to class following the Easter holidays.