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DRUG SCOURGE: Fatal Overdoses Soar Across Gold Coast

Sleeping Pills Big Killer

DRUG SCOURGE: Fatal Overdoses Soar Across Gold Coast

The number of deaths involving sleeping or anxiety tablets has nearly tripled over the past decade.

A new report from the Penington Institute revealed Benzos have become a hidden epidemic killing a large number of Aussies each year.

All up here on the Gold Coast 275 people died from overdoses between 2012 and 2016, which is a 75 per cent increase from a decade ago.

Doctor Steven McNally from the Penington Institute said middle-aged people are at the highest risk of an accidental overdose.

"We're talking about nearly 70 per cent of accidental overdose deaths are occurring between the age of 50 and 60," McNally said.

"And what we're seeing really is Australia is sadly sleep-walking towards a United States-style drug overdose crisis."