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Games Venues No-Go Zones For Drones

Unauthorised aircraft will be taken down

Games Venues No-Go Zones For Drones

Authorities are warning locals not to try and get a sneaky look at Commonwealth Games events by sending a drone out next month.

Police have confirmed they will be cracking down on any unauthorised aircraft around venues during the major sporting event, as part of security measures.

"Leave your drones at home," warned Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski.

"There are air exclusion zones that will be in place during the games and we will make decisions about how we will protect those air exclusion zones including against unmanned aerial systems," he said.

DC Gollschewski said they would be using some hi-tech devices to stop any drones from hovering above Games venues, but wouldn't go into detail.

"Any details around the technology we may use is not something we will discuss publicly, other than to give the community assurance that we are across this issue and have planning in place to be able to deal with that during the games time and ensure their safety," he said.