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Gold Coast Beaches Closed For Second Day

Expert surfers only

Gold Coast Beaches Closed For Second Day

Gold Coast beaches are off limits to swimmers again today, thanks to ex-tropical cyclone Linda.

The low-pressure system is currently sitting about 300km off Fraser Island and will track south today, before moving out to sea again.

It is expected to whip up some big waves, that could cause some erosion along the South-East Queensland coastline but local authorities aren't worried, saying all that sand pumping off the Gold Coast recently will protect our shores.

A Hazardous Surf Warning and a Strong Wind Warning are both in place for our region and unless you're an expert surfer with the right equipment, you're being told to stay out of the water.

You won't miss out on the waves though, Livio Regano from the Bureau of Meteorology says they will still be around tomorrow.

"Today is just a bit too rough wind-wise, it's a messy swell and with all the hazardous surf warnings out at the moment, I'd say tomorrow would be the better day to have a surf," he said. 

"Once the winds have dropped off we're still going to have probably a 3m swell tomorrow, then on the weekend it'll drop down to almost nothing; great fishing weather!".