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Gold Coast Mayor Abuzz About Honey-Making Scheme

Plan to boost native bee population

Gold Coast Mayor Abuzz About Honey-Making Scheme Image: Flikr; James Niland

Flowers will be blooming and bees buzzing across the city, if a new honey-making scheme from Mayor Tom Tate goes ahead.

He proposed a new initiative on Tuesday, to help boost the number of native, stingless bees in our region.

The plan would see council help pay for property owners, on land 1200m2 or larger, to set up new hives for the busy insects.

"Native bees are vital to our flora and fauna and giving them the opportunity to thrive has major positive effects for our city's overall biodiversity,'' Cr Tate said.

Up to $30,000 would be handed out to about 240 people over a year-long trial, with the money coming out of the existing Our Natural City fund.

"Over the year they will be able to get about 1kg of wild honey," he said. 

Cr Tate said the initiative is the bees knees, and hoped his fellow councillors would get bee-hind the scheme.

"I trust Council colleagues will support this initiative which can be funded through the current 'Our Natural City' strategy.''