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Gold Coast Offers Jobs To Ex-Servicemen And Women

Council backs Federal Government scheme

Gold Coast Offers Jobs To Ex-Servicemen And Women

Ex-service men and women are being encouraged to apply for jobs with Gold Coast City Council.

Councillors have written to the Prime Minister, supporting the Federal Government's new scheme to help Defence workers find stable jobs once they return to civilian life.

Councillor Hermann Vorster said Council has the opportunity to set the benchmark for others to live up to.

"The Federal Government has put the program on the table and we want to become the best employer of ADF personnel nationwide so that others follow suit," he said.

Councillor Hermann Vorster said suitable roles will now be advertised on a special website set up for Australian Defence Force workers, as well as through the regular channels.

"These are phenomenal men and women with great skills and we'd be idiots to ignore the opportunity"

"We want to make sure they are connected with the opportunities that we already have for employment," he said.

Any role must still be secured on merit, meaning Gold Coasters have equal opportunity when it comes to employment.