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Gold Coast Ratepayers Accidentally Donate Thousands To Koala Fund

Rate payments sent to wrong account

Gold Coast Ratepayers Accidentally Donate Thousands To Koala Fund

Generous donations have been pouring in to help protect koalas on the Gold Coast, unfortunately some of them have been made by mistake.

According to City Council, around a hundred people have accidentally paid their rates into the new Koala Fund.

Council believed confused ratepayers accidentally transferred their cash to the Biller Code listed for voluntarily donations to the fund, which has been set up to buy land to keep as koala conversations.

No need for ratepayers to stress if they believe they have paid to the wrong account though.

Organisational Services Director Glen Potter said council officers would match up the amount due on customers' rates accounts, and if that same amount went into the Koala Fund, they would automatically move the money to where it was meant to go.

"We're going to write to each ratepayer and advise we are doing that, if they wish to stop that then they can advise us," he said.

Mr Potter emphasised that the mix up is definitely not Council trying to be deliberately deceptive, claiming they tried to make the different Biller Codes as obvious as possible.

"It is highlighted in red on the front of the rate notice that it's a contribution to the koalas, the Biller Code is directly beside it and unfortunately some people are using that Biller Code to pay their rate accounts".