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Gold Coast Stonemason Loses Tragic Fight With Silicosis

Anthony White Remembered

Gold Coast Stonemason Loses Tragic Fight With Silicosis

A Gold Coast stonemason who became the face of the silicosis crisis in the industry has tragically lost his fight.

36-year-old Anthony White passed away on Saturday, just a few days after his younger brother was also diagnosed with the irreversible disease.

Mr White first received news he had silicosis 16 months ago, and occupational physician Dr Graeme Edwards said it is a silent killer at first.

"Most do not have any symptoms at all," said Dr Edwards.

"The only way we can see it is with a X-ray, and even that needs to be done in a special way.

"The first symptom that they do feel is this sense of 'air hunger'."


It is believed 100 Queenslanders are currently fighting the disease from the so-called 'new asbestos', which comes from working with cut artificial stone.

Doctor Edwards said anyone who's been around dry cutting work on things like bench tops should act now and get checked out.

"Contact WorkCover Queensland", said Dr Edwards.

"They've got a system set up now so that they can get the appropriate direction and advice.

"Most GPs unfortunately still don't know what to do in these situations."