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Gold Coast Temps Drop To 7°C This Morning

Rug up!

Gold Coast Temps Drop To 7°C This Morning

It certainly feels like winter has arrived on the Gold Coast this morning!

Temps dropped to just 6.8°C at Coolangatta at 2:30am on Monday, while Canungra in the hinterland got down to 1.2°C and the Seaway recorded a minimum of 9.7°C.

Lachlan Stoney from the Bureau of Meteorology said that is well below average for May.

"Minimum temperatures for this time of year average about 14 degrees, so significantly colder," he said.

You might want to put the flannelette sheets on the bed too, with the cool temps set to stick around.

"The next couple of mornings will be a bit on the chilly side, a few degrees below average for this time of year," said Mr Stoney.

"Day time temperatures however will be quite mild, in the mid-twenties".

But the meteorologist said the cold temps aren't a sign of things to come.

"All in all we're not looking at a particularly cold winter, our climate outlook suggests it'll be fairly close to average".