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Gold Coasters Urged To Support Local Businesses During Eerily Quiet Comm Games

Gold Coast? More like Ghost Coast

Gold Coasters Urged To Support Local Businesses During Eerily Quiet Comm Games

The Gold Coast has been nicknamed the Ghost Coast by many local businesses, yet to see big boost the Commonwealth Games was supposed to bring to the region.

It's thought all the warnings to stay off the roads have scared people away, with reports the weekend was even quieter than it would have been for just a regular the school holiday period.

Uber driver Scott says the roads have been dead.

"Last week has probably been the quietest week in history; there is nobody around," he said.

Another listener, also named Scott, has business in Oxenford, Nerang, Burleigh and Coolangatta.

He called up to say they're all dead quiet.

"We were told by suppliers that we absolutely must stock up as much as we possible could because suppliers weren't going to be able to get to us, so we filled cold-rooms and store rooms full of products and there's literally no one walking through the door," he said.

It's no all doom and gloom though.

Danny, who owns BSKT Cafe at Nobby Beach, says his business is actually doing well.

"Because we get a lot of the foot traffic and we're on the beach side it's fantastic, we're getting international tourists through, but two or three rows back if you're not in the traffic zone there's not much happening; it's a ghost town."

The local Chamber of Commerce is calling on everyone to support our community by getting out, soaking up the Games atmosphere and splashing out at our shops and restaurants.