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Horse-Poo Bandits Caught Brown Handed At Bilambil

Thieves steal manure from boy's stall

Horse-Poo Bandits Caught Brown Handed At Bilambil CCTV stills of alleged manure thieves

Social media is attempting to flush out two stinking thieves, who ripped off a young boy.

A man and a woman have been caught on CCTV camera, allegedly stealing bags of manure from outside a Bilambil home.

According to 10-year-old Marshall Hosking, his stall has been robbed a couple of times in the past month.

Marshall spends hours shoveling up and bagging the horse poo to save money for a laptop for high school, but has twice found most or all of the bags have disappeared the next day, with the honesty box empty.

A video of the alleged horse-poo bandits has been doing the rounds on social media, after Marshall's granddad, Peter, set up a CCTV camera outside the stall.

Mr Hosking told Nine, what the thieves did was pretty crappy.

"Heart breaking for [Marshall], he spends all day picking up 20 bags of it and it's all gone the next morning," he said.