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Irish Man To Walk 320km To Help Aussie Farmers

Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast

Irish Man To Walk 320km To Help Aussie Farmers

A young Irishman is doing his bit for Aussie farmers.

Harrison Badger has been working on a farm in New South Wales for a few months, and after seeing the effects of the drought first-hand, decided to do something to help those landholders doing it tough.

"It's really shocking, the animals just starving, people really just struggling to keep the farm going whatsoever; they're really just having to cut back in every way," he said.

Before flying home to Ireland at the end of August, the 20-year-old decided to set off on a 320km journey on foot.

He planned to walk from Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast, setting off on Monday, August 13.

"I've worked out it'll be about 10 days, if I'm right, I haven't really done anything like this before so I don't really have a clue," he admitted.

"I'm going to have a sign on my back basically saying what I'm doing, go into towns and explain what I'm doing and hopefully get support along the way as well".

Harrison has already raised $2,000 for Aussie Helpers.

If you want to support him you can donate here.