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Kids Hate Veggies? This Might Be The Answer!

Calling all budding gardeners

Kids Hate Veggies? This Might Be The Answer!

Here's a way to get the kids more interested in their veggies!

A new community project is being launched on the Gold Coast to get children into gardening.

Blackboard Coffee in Varsity Lakes will be giving out free vegetable and herb seeds to kids under 15 at Varsity Winterfest this weekend.

The young ones are being encouraged to start their own veggie patch at home, and eventually sell the produce they grow back to the coffee shop at market price.

Blackboard Coffee co-owner Marc Kinvig said it was a chance for children to earn some pocket money, or help out a local charity if they choose.

‘’As well as selling their beautiful produce to Blackboard Coffee, children can also choose to donate it to local homeless charity HAVAFEED, so they can feed the Gold Coast’s most vulnerable,’’ he said.

There will also be a pot collection station at the coffee truck for anyone wanting to donate old pots for the children.