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LATTES & SELFIES: Schoolies Less Rowdy And More Cultured

Organisers Thank Social Media

LATTES & SELFIES: Schoolies Less Rowdy And More Cultured

As Schoolies week fast approaches, organisers believe the kids are becoming less drunk and more responsible thanks to social media.

22,000 high school graduates are expected to flock to the Gold Coast from Saturday November 17, as well as 1100 volunteers, including 650 Red Frogs.

Schoolies Advisory Group chair Mark Reaburn, entering his 15th year in charge, claimed the teenagers' obsession with self image had made them more concerned about their look on Instagram, and not appearing out of control.

"It's now a latte and a selfie in the morning," said Reaburn.

"I think that's changed, the kids have become a lot more conscious of their perception to their friends, and we don't see that as a bad thing."


Meanwhile, there could be plenty of cranky neighbours when the festivities get underway.

Strata property leaders are concerned about Airbnb hosts renting out their apartments to school leavers without telling the rest of the unit block about their plans.

Body corporates claim they won't have the right security and risk management in place to keep the partying graduates and communal property safe.

They have called on Airbnb hosts to inform their body corporate before it's too late.