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Light Rail Debate Continues Between Mayor and State MP

Coastal or inland route for Glink?

Light Rail Debate Continues Between Mayor and State MP

The Gold Coast Mayor is still pushing for the light rail to take the coastal route down to the airport, despite thousands of people signing a petition for the trams to travel inland instead.

Cr Tom Tate said the alternate route down to the airport at Coolangatta would double the budget for the project, and believed less people would use it.

"I took to the election that we want light rail to go down the ocean side and 73% of Gold Coasters voted me in on that," he said.

"The business case stacks up and we should get going with it".

However, Burleigh MP Michael Hart said the people in his electorate don't agree with the light rail following the Gold Coast Highway.

"Whatever [the Mayor's] mandate is, that's not what the people of Palm Beach and Burleigh want," he said.

More than 8,000 people have signed a petition, calling for the light rail to head west to meet the heavy rail, instead of cutting through Palm Beach.

Mr Hart believed having the tracks run alongside the M1 makes sense.

"It's a great opportunity to build the next stage of the light rail at the same time the M1 is widened," he said.