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Meaghan Scanlon claims Labor victory in Gaven

Youngest woman ever in QLD parliament

Meaghan Scanlon claims Labor victory in Gaven Image: ALP Queensland

Labor's Meaghan Scanlon has claimed victory in the battleground seat of Gaven, virtually handing Annastacia Palazszcuk power in Queensland.

The Gold Coast seat was the last piece of the puzzle for the Premier as she tried to form a majority government, two weeks after the state election.

The 24-year-old lawyer will become the youngest woman ever to sit in state parliament, and the second-youngest MP after Lawrence Springborg was elected at 21.


“I know that I stand on the shoulders of great women who came before me so that I have this opportunity," Scanlon said.

"This is the electorate I grew up in, and I am so, so proud to be given this opportunity."

It's also the first time Labor has held a seat on the Gold Coast in five years.