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'Misuse Of Power' Community Group Slams Council For Letter

Stoush Continues Over Surfers Car Park

'Misuse Of Power' Community Group Slams Council For Letter Google Street View

A group of Surfers Paradise residents and businesses has labelled the latest move by Gold Coast City Council over the potential sale of the Bruce Bishop car park a blatant attempt to stifle the community's voice.

In a post on the Save Bruce Bishop Carpark Facebook page, the group has shared a letter appearing to be from council pricing court proceedings at $350,000.


The letter demands the group also fronts up $200,000 in potential court costs, saying it will force them to pay its legal fees if the court rules in council's favour, letting the sale of the public asset so ahead.

The Save Our Surfers Paradise group has labelled it a David vs. Goliath battle, and claims council is trying to use muscle to try to shut it down.