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More Gold Coasters Ditch Cars For Public Transport

Huge Surge Thanks To Light Rail

More Gold Coasters Ditch Cars For Public Transport

Here's another reason to extend the light rail down to the border ASAP, with new statistics showing an extra seven million people have ditched their cars since the G:link was built.

The number of people using the Gold Coast's public transport network rose by 50 per cent over the past five years according to Right To Information data obtained by Rail Back On Track.

However while more people were taking the tram or train, the number of passengers catching a bus dropped by nearly 15 per cent.

That equated to around three million fewer people using the services.

While more people could be inspired to ditch the car with Australia reaching it's highest ever average for petrol prices at $1.59 per litre.

A fair fuel price on the Gold Coast at the moment is around $1.60.