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More Hail On The Way For The Gold Coast

Northern suburbs cop severe storms

More Hail On The Way For The Gold Coast Stock photo

Storms have swept across the Gold Coast overnight, whipping up strong winds and dumping up to 50mm of rain in the northern suburbs.

Some areas, including Helensvale, Upper Coomera and Oxenford, reported a large amount of small hailstones blanketing their yards.

Tracey Robertson posted this photo to the Gold Coast Community Facebook page:

You might want to keep the car undercover again today, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning we could see more storm action.

"We're looking at a similar set-up again today with a chance of some of those thunderstorms being severe," said Meteorologist Harry Clark.

"Once again, mainly a hail risk for those but we can't rule out damaging winds and heavy rainfall".

He said any hailstones that might fall should be small but the quantity could still cause a fair bit of damage.

"Even though it might not be giant hail that directly damages cars, the amount of it can do the damage".