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More Whales To Get Stuck In Nets Over Coming Months

Rescue crews prepare for busy season

More Whales To Get Stuck In Nets Over Coming Months

A humpback caught in a shark net off the Gold Coast yesterday was just the tip of the iceburg, with Sea World crews warning more whales will become stuck over the next few months.

A young whale had to be cut free after getting tangled in drumlines off Burleigh Heads on Monday morning.

Marine expert Trevor Long said the most dangerous time for entrapments usually starts in August, as mother whales and their newborn calves begin the journey south again.

"We see anywhere between six and 12 animals caught each year," he said.

"More of those animals are babies which we won't start to see until August onwards when Mums start to bring some of the bubs back".

Mr Long said Sea World's rescue crews were preparing for a busy season.

"We're going to see over 30,000 whales come past our coast this year which is a wonderful situation for tourism on the Gold Coast, it's just these unfortunate incidents which occur that create these issues," he said.