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MP Slams Idea To Cap Number Of Boats On Gold Coast

Suggestion labelled "absurd"

MP Slams Idea To Cap Number Of Boats On Gold Coast

A suggestion to cap the number of boats using Gold Coast waterways has copped a lot of backlash.

The idea was floated within the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, as a way to address overcrowding in the city's canals.

There has been a rise of 5,000 boats registered in the region over the past five years, to 32,000 in total.

Despite the increasing number of vessels, Member for Broadwater David Crisafulli said banning boaties from going out on the water wasn't the answer.

He slammed the idea as "the most riduclous thing" he had ever heard.

"Governments are there to improve people's lifestyle, not facilitate some kind of nanny state that says 'listen mate, you can fish on a Saturday but not a Tuesday'," he said.

"Imagine saying you're not allowed to drive on a particular road because it's busy, so you can't go at 8am but we'll let you go at 9; it's the same absurdity"

"People work hard, they buy a boat, they deserve the right to be able go out on the water when they want".

Mr Crisafulli called for the waterways to be dredge instead, to improve access so everyone can enjoy them.